Financial and Governance Documents

Audited Financial Statements

Consolidated Financial Statements for Scenic Hudson, Inc. and The Scenic Hudson Land Trust, Inc., together with Independent Auditors' Report

IRS Forms 990

An annual document used by public charities to report information about their finances and operations to the federal government.

Scenic Hudson, Inc.

Scenic Hudson Land Trust

Articles of Incorporation


Investment Statement

Scenic Hudson manages our endowment and other funds to provide the resources needed over the long term to accomplish our mission. Our investments are overseen by a committee of Scenic Hudson board members and nonboard members with substantial investment expertise. We also are advised by investment professionals with deep experience working with nonprofit endowments.

Our Investment Committee strives to maintain alignment with the organization's mission, while continuing to work to preserve the buying power of our investment portfolio.

Like many of our peers in the conservation arena, our investments are largely held in mutual, index or comingled funds, in which we have no control over individual stocks, or fixed-income instruments chosen by the managers.

To avoid any appearance of conflicts of interest, Scenic Hudson does not invest discretionary funds in companies with whom we are engaged in litigation or actively opposing the company’s actions or policies.

We also recognize that our endowment allows us to consider environmentally sustainable investment strategies. As the market evolves, we are committed to evaluating these strategies against our return objectives.

Whistleblower Policy

Conflict of Interest Policy