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People Who Make a Difference: Aaron Mair

Aaron Mair has spent much of his career advocating for environmental justice, including fighting to shut down a solid waste incinerator in his Albany, New York, hometown and helping to lead the campaign for the cleanup of toxic PCBs in the Hudson River. In 2015, he became the first African American president of the Sierra Club.

Poster artist Freddy Anzurez: “At first, I thought that graphic design was my true passion for an ideal career, but now I believe it’s just a part of the overall picture. Instead, I wish to pursue a field I truly love—something that deals with social media as well as media communications.” 

Words of Inspiration

“Nature is the great equalizer. Nature knows no difference between black and white. The biggest challenge the environmental movement faces today is transcending class, gender, and the racial divide so we can come together on climate, both domestically and internationally.” ―Aaron Mair

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