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People Who Make a Difference: Leah Penniman

Illustrated portrait of Leah Penniman

Leah Penniman began farming as a teenager in Boston. Now, through Soul Fire Farm in Grafton, New York, she trains new farmers, promotes land stewardship and provides fresh produce to diverse communities. The farm is committed to fighting racism and injustice in the food system, and caring for the land by using ancestral farming practices. Leah is author of Farming While Black.

Poster artist Alie Grover: “My goal immediately after college is to be a computer graphics designer, but my ultimate goal is to be a video game designer for Nintendo. I also enjoy studying technology, science and exploring the wonders of outer space.”

Words of Inspiration

“We have confused the subjugation our ancestors experienced on land with the land herself, naming her the oppressor and running toward paved streets without looking back. We do not stoop, sweat, harvest, or even get dirty because we imagine that would revert us to bondage. Part of the work of healing our relationship with soil is unearthing and relearning the lessons of soil reverence from the past.” —Leah Penniman

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