Disclaimer and Terms of Use

The purpose of this web mapping tool and other related content on this website is to enable coastal managers and communities to visualize potential scenarios of sea level rise and coastal flooding impacts. The information is intended to inform decisions about riverfront adaptation efforts, coastal development and natural resource conservation. Scenic Hudson’s aim is to enable communities to minimize risks and impacts to people, property and natural communities while maximizing opportunities for waterfront revitalization in a century of rising sea levels.

The data, maps and information in this website illustrate the patterns of potential inundation and flooding, not the precise location or impacts, and do not account for erosion, subsidence, or future construction. Water levels are shown as they would appear during the highest high tides (excludes wind driven tides). The data, maps, and information provided are intended to be used only as a screening-level tool for planning reference and management decisions, and not for navigation, permitting or other legal purposes. As with all remotely sensed data, all features should be verified with a site visit and/or surveys by qualified professionals.

The data and maps in this website are provided “as is.” Scenic Hudson does not warrant or guarantee the accuracy, completeness or reliability of the content on this website and shall not be held liable for use of the data described and/or contained herein for any purpose. By use of this website, the entire risk associated with use, results and performance of these data and maps is assumed by the user.

We provide this data for fair-use purposes only. Any sale, distribution, loan or offering for use of these digital data, in whole or in part, is prohibited without the approval of Scenic Hudson and subject to the terms of the required data sharing agreement.  The use of these data to produce other GIS products and services with the intent to sell for a profit is prohibited without the written consent of Scenic Hudson. All parties receiving these data must be informed of these restrictions. Scenic Hudson shall be acknowledged as data contributors to any reports or other products derived from these data.