Scenic Hudson creates parks to connect people to the Hudson Valley’s world-class natural splendor, its astonishing wildlife and storied past. We hope visitors to these special places develop a better understanding of this beautiful and historic region. 


All of Scenic Hudson’s Parks & Preserves provide ideal “outdoor classrooms” for families, school and community groups to learn about the valley’s natural resources, how they’ve shaped the region’s culture and the importance of protecting them. By exploring our parks’ waterfronts, wetlands, vernal pools and other features, students of all ages gain greater knowledge of and appreciation for these irreplaceable treasures and the vital roles they play in sustaining the lives of humans and wildlife. 
We’d be delighted to lead a hands-on program at a Scenic Hudson park near you or provide the materials so you can make discoveries on your own. Contact us for availability and information on scheduling field trips.  Parks where we regularly host field trips by local schools include Black Creek PreserveEsopus Meadows Preserve and Shaupeneak Ridge (Ulster County); Long Dock ParkMadam Brett Park and Mount Beacon (Dutchess County); and West Point Foundry Preserve (Putnam County). In addition, our partner Teatown Lake Reservation offers a number of exciting environmental education programs at the Kathryn W. Davis RiverWalk Center (Westchester County), while Audubon New York conducts classes for school and other groups at RamsHorn-Livingston Sanctuary (Greene County).  

Self Guided Trips

Our parks are great places to make discoveries at your own pace. Whether you’re a teacher with a class studying the environment, a parent eager to explore nature with your children, or you want to spend an afternoon outdoors with visiting friends, we offer resources to enhance your visit. Download Nature Notes to bring with you on your next visit to select Scenic Hudson parks.  
We’ve also created activity guides to facilitate learning. Our informative booklet on Climate Change is geared for students in grades 6-8, while our Activity Book is great for children of any age. They provide ideal ways to keep youngsters’ minds engaged during the summer or weekends. 

For College Students

Our parks and preserves provide outstanding outdoor laboratories for investigation and research in environmental science, geology, history and outdoor recreation, as well as outstanding locations for art classes to engage in plein air painting, drawing and photography.

Scenic Hudson Field Trips

Our professional staff will tailor the field trip to meet the ages and interests of your group-- K-12 (including homeschoolers) and college classes; afterschool clubs; and scouting, senior citizen and other community groups. Depending on group size and interest, we try to combine education with a volunteer activity. Potential field trip topics include macroinvertebrates, seasonal changes, wildlife habitats, identifying native and invasive plants, water-quality testing and the river as part of a community.
The natural beauty of our parks and the magnificent views they afford also make them excellent places for art classes or groups to seek inspiration-- for painting and drawing, poetry and photography. We'd be happy to suggest suitable locations and lead group art projects.
To inquire about arranging a Scenic Hudson-led program in one of our parks, contact Education Outreach Coordinator Kate Phipps.


Volunteering is also a great way to get involved and learn more about Hudson Valley ecology and park maintainance.  Our Learn and Serve program teaches how to identify invasive plants and properly remove them. It's perfect for school or community groups and is geared to increase knowledge of natural resources, ecological concepts and environmental issues.
Scenic Hudson volunteers also can engage in hands-on research-- documenting important data that may help biologists make new discoveries and save vulnerable species-- through our Citizen Science initiatives.  These include participation in NYSDEC's Eel and Herring Monitoring and our new Woodland Pool Monitoring.

Tell Us Your Stories

Talk to us! We want to know what discoveries you’re making in our parks. Whether it’s an exciting animal sighting or a calming walk, we love to hear how our parks help you to get in touch with the Hudson Valley’s natural treasures. 
Send your stories and pictures to Kate Phipps.

Contact Information

For educational resources and information on using Scenic Hudson parks for educational purposes, contact Education and Outreach Coordinator Kate Phipps

For volunteer programs and other park stewardship opportunities, contact Parks Event and Volunteer Coordinator Anthony Coneski

For presentations to community groups, contact Communications Director, Riley Johndonnell