Join Us in Shaping a Bright Future for the Hudson Valley!

We believe current challenges also present opportunities to unite in making the Hudson Valley a better place to live, work and play. Enjoy this animated video illustrating how we’re envisioning tomorrow together.

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With courage and compassion we’re making great progress, improving the lives of all people in the Hudson Valley. Below, learn more about our work “on the ground” — and join us in shaping a bright future together.

Unifying Communities

We’re committed to building healthy, prosperous communities by restoring cities’ natural treasures, ensuring everyone has a place to connect with nature and engaging tomorrow’s environmental stewards.

Together we can…

PLANT street trees in a Newburgh neighborhood to cool temperatures, boost safety and decrease air pollution.

PARTNER with 20+ community groups in Poughkeepsie to restore Fall Kill Creek and revitalize parks as a way of empowering youth to engage in civic leadership. 

GATHER leaders from Poughkeepsie, Newburgh and Kingston to explore shared principles for enhancing the lives of all residents.

CREATE a new 520-acre park in Kingston that will be a hub for recreation and a superb “outdoor classroom” for educating youth about environmental issues.

Campaigning for Clean Air & Water

Access to these vital resources is essential for all, and we’re working to achieve it through our advocacy and land conservation.

Together we can…

CAMPAIGN to stop a new Danskammer fracked-gas power plant in Newburgh from spewing 40 times more pollution into a city already suffering one of NY’s highest asthma rates.

PROTECT the shorelines of streams that contribute to communities’ water supplies

LEAD the charge for a comprehensive PCB cleanup that will make the Hudson River safe for fishing and swimming.

Protecting Family Farms & Healthy Food

To help meet growing demands for fresh produce in local communities and NYC, we’re creating new urban farms and conserving more of the valley’s productive rural farms.

Together we can…

SUPPORT farm families and boost access to fresh food via our Farm Directory, a guide to 50+ farms selling directly to consumers.

DELIVER fresh fruits and vegetables to Newburgh families via the community farm we worked with teens to build at the city’s Crystal Lake property.

CULTIVATE an urban farm in Poughkeepsie that will supply produce to neighboring families and educate local youth about the importance of agriculture.

ACQUIRE conservation easements on productive farmland, making it permanently available for agriculture and more affordable for future farmers.

Creating Solutions to the Climate Crisis

We’re striving to make the Hudson Valley a regional model for responding to climate change and paving the way for New York to achieve its ambitious climate goals.

Together we can…

LAUNCH a Solar Mapping Tool that pinpoints places to develop solar facilities that won’t sacrifice communities’ natural beauty and irreplaceable wildlife habitats. 

CHAMPION scientific research seeking “natural solutions” in agriculture and forestry that will reduce, and even reverse, carbon and methane emissions.

UNITE with riverfront communities on strategies to prevent rising sea levels and other climate impacts from threatening homes, businesses and vital infrastructure.

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