Current Requests for Bids (RFPs)

Sojourner Truth State Park Improvements

The Scenic Hudson Land Trust, Inc. (Scenic Hudson) seeks bids from qualified general contractors for one of two concurrent construction contracts that comprise all improvements at the waterfront area of Sojourner Truth State Park. The Park is owned by the Palisades Interstate Park Commission (PIPC) and, through a cooperative agreement, managed and operated by Quarry Waters, LLC (Park Operator) through Scenic Hudson. The park’s public address is 100 Sojourner Truth Way, City of Kingston, Ulster County, New York.  The project involves site access improvements of a former industrial barge dock site and access trail as well as the construction of new amenities including a structural steel pavilion, stonedust plaza and accessible trail, site drainage improvements, restoration plantings and site signage and furnishings.

This work will be executed concurrently with the North Trail Project, which is to be contracted by NYS OPRHP. Both projects will include the same interim milestones and be completed upon the same Substantial Completion date. Contractor is to coordinate the work to ensure successful integration of the work along the Project Limit Lines, as directed by the Landscape Architect and Park Operator, and to achieve the interim milestones described in the Contract Documents.

Lump Sum Bid proposals are required to be submitted via sealed envelope by 4PM, Friday, January 6, 2023 and addressed to Heather Blaikie, Senior Park Planner at the offices of Scenic Hudson at 85 Civic Center Plaza, Third floor, Poughkeepsie, NY 12601.  

This project is a prevailing wage project.

Project Schedule

The project consists of one (1) interim milestone prior to Substantial Completion, detailed in the contract documents.

Scope of Work

This contract scope is to be completed in parallel with the adjacent ‘North Trail Project Area’. Briefly, without limitation, the scope of work can be summarized as below. Contractor is responsible for reviewing all drawings, specifications, and related documents:

I. Site Work and Exterior Improvements – including, but not limited to the installation and maintenance of:

  1. Temporary facilities required to support the general conditions of the work.
  2. All temporary fencing to control access to the site and measures to coordinate with open public access points.
  3. Tree protection and erosion and sediment control measures.
  4. Demolition of existing underground structures and backfilling with clean fill.
  5. Invasive species, grass and shrub removal and grubbing.
  6. Earthwork including excavation, grading, and installation of drainage structures, stone fines paving, timber curbing, etc.
  7. Site cleanup and legal off-site disposal of all waste materials as indicated on the plans.
  8. Bulkhead underwater plate welding, void closure repair, backfilling with clean fill, stonedust and concrete re-surfacing.
  9. Bulkhead railing of wood, steel and cable mesh guardrails.
  10. Concrete foundations, slabs, steps, amenity footings, and existing dock restoration.
  11. Boulder and salvaged stone seating.

II. Pavilion and related components including, but not limited to the excavation and installation of:

  1. Structural steel pavilion steel and cross-laminated timber roof with waterproof membrane.
  2. Helical piles, concrete pier and grade beams, concrete slab, and steps with metal handrails.
  3. Modified shipping container storage-unit with wood cladding; wood screen enclosure for seasonal toilet.

III. Planting and related protections including, but not limited to the construction or installation of:

  1. Prepared planting soil media and other lawn amendments.
  2. Tree, shrub and plug planting.
  3. Site stabilization cover crop and lawn seeding and mulch protection.
  4. Deer protection fence, gates, and other structures.

IV. Signage, Site Furnishings and other site fixtures including, but not limited to the fabrication and/ or installation of:

  1. Directional, informational, and interpretive signage.
  2. Benches and picnic table sets.
  3. Site amenities including bike racks, etc.

Site Restoration and Project Close-Out including, but not limited to:

Project site cleanup, warranty plant replacement and seed cover establishment, removal of temporary structures and site protection measures.

Add Alternates: as listed in the bid form.

Bid Packages: A printed bid set will be available for review between 10am and 4pm on Mondays and Wednesdays starting November 28, 2022 at the Scenic Hudson offices at 132 Civic Center Plaza, Third Floor in Poughkeepsie, NY 12601. Digital packages may also be available online upon request and provided to all registered bidders and suppliers.

Pre-Bid Meeting: A mandatory pre-bid site visit is scheduled for Friday, December 9th, 2022 at 10 AM at the Site of Work, located at 100 Sojourner Truth Way, Kingston, NY. Please refer to the Instructions to Bidders that are included in the Bid Package for additional requirements. 

Bonds and Insurance: Proposals shall include the cost of a Performance and Materials Payment Bond, each for 100% of the work, utilizing form AIA-312 (sample provided in project manual).

Proposals shall include weekly Operator-Architect-Contractor (OAC) coordination meetings, on-site meetings prior to commencement of work, and for all major work stages to stake and inspect layout and removals. 

The awarded bidder will be required to submit samples of all materials to be used for construction including wood, metal, and stone with each associated finish as well as mockups of construction assemblies where indicated in the construction specifications.

Questions: If you have any questions, please email them to Heather Blaikie, senior park planner at no later than 4pm, Friday January 6, 2023. Responses will NOT be provided to questions received after this date.

Learn more about the park by visiting the community information page at

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