Friday, December 1, 2017 -- Scenic Hudson

Ned Sullivan at Aug 21 NYSDEC Press Conference

Ned Sullivan at Aug 22 NYSDEC Press Conference

Ned Sullivan at Aug. 22 NYSDEC press conference. Photo: Kyle Hughes,

We’re informing and rallying a region-wide corps of citizen advocates to fight for a clean, healthy river and valley

Proof that a groundswell of engaged citizens can make a difference: after 10,000 wrote letters urging abandonment of plans to create new anchorages for 43 industrial barges carrying hazardous chemicals, the Coast Guard suspended its rule-making process to conduct a navigational and environmental risk assessment. Our valley-wide forums and rallies (like the one in Poughkeepsie, above) also resulted in about 2,000 public comments urging the Environmental Protection Agency to require General Electric to conduct a more comprehensive PCB cleanup.

The aging Indian Point nuclear plant kills huge numbers of aquatic creatures in the river each year. With Riverkeeper, we played a major role in litigation leading to a settlement that will close the facility by 2021—ahead of schedule by 14 years.

Activist Kim Mooers

“There needs to be continued cleanup of the Hudson River with regard to PCBs. Our Hudson River must be cared for properly and respectfully, every day and always. We should not accept the notion that the job was adequately completed, even though the EPA gave GE the sign-off to discontinue further dredging. I hope that more people will stay the course... I believe that with the combination of all of our efforts, we can preserve our Hudson River forever. Roll on, Campaign for a Cleaner Hudson! Roll on!”
—Kimberly Mooers, Grassroots Activist (photo: John Halpern)