Friday, December 1, 2017 -- Scenic Hudson

People Enjoying Poets' Walk Park

People Enjoying Poets' Walk Park

People Enjoying Poets Walk Park. (photo: John Halpern)

Providing room to exercise, relax, enjoy nature and have fun, our parks make communities more desirable places to live and work

Beautiful spaces for a brisk walk, run, bike ride, paddle and even a basketball game, Scenic Hudson parks not only promote good health—offering a “gym with a view”—but reduce stress and inspire creativity. Their impact on people’s lives is best summed up by this recent email we received from a visitor to Scenic Hudson Park at Irvington and Long Dock Park: “I felt like I was in the final scene of a rom-com movie where all conflicts have been tied up and the world is at peace.” The smiles on the faces of the family strolling at Poets’ Walk Park seem to echo this sentiment.

The Rodriguez Family

“When asked why we love living in Beacon so much, our automatic response is easy access to nature’s beauty minutes from our doorstep—whether hiking Mount Beacon, biking at Madam Brett Park or skipping rocks at the river’s shore at Long Dock. Given today’s busy and distracted world, we believe the mental and physical bene ts of spending time in nature outweigh almost any other activity we can think of. We’re always grateful to Scenic Hudson for their success in protecting and conserving places that directly impact our family’s well-being in an immensely positive way.”
Robert Rodriguez, Jr., Landscape Photographer