Friday, December 1, 2017 -- Scenic Hudson

Fall Kill Creek Clean Up 2017

Fall Kill Creek Clean Up 2017

Cleaning up the Fall Kill Creek. (photo: Jay Dorin)

We’re committed to ensuring our cities and towns are vibrant and environmentally healthy and reflect the needs of their citizens.

A vacant lot in downtown Poughkeepsie transformed into a green haven for workers, residents and visitors—that’s just one result of our work this year in helping residents advance their goals in their own communities. Product of a two-year collaborative effort (Scenic Hudson provided the design), Mural Square (top and bottom right) also offers a central gathering space that’s already hosted festivals and concerts since its summer opening.

At the same time, teens in Poughkeepsie and Newburgh are engaged in protecting and connecting people to their cities’ natural assets under Scenic Hudson’s guidance. More than 30 youth conducted cleanups of Poughkeepsie’s Fall Kill Creek, a Hudson River tributary that ows through downtown neighborhoods and contributes to the city’s water supply. In Newburgh, teens are creating a community garden and developing a 1.5-mile hiking trail to magnificent views atop Scenic Hudson’s Snake Hill.