Friday, December 1, 2017 -- Scenic Hudson

What unifies residents of the Hudson Valley? The things we share that make living here so special.

Spanning communities from New York City to Troy, the region’s vibrant outdoor markets offer a bounty of delicious food, supplied in large part by farms Scenic Hudson and our partners have conserved. These markets also provide regular occasions for people to come together—catching up with neighbors, meeting local farmers and making new friends.

Long-distance trails also link our cities and towns and support regional economies. This year we made great progress on two exciting trails. We unveiled a sign introducing the nine-mile Hudson Highlands Fjord Trail that will stretch from Cold Spring to Beacon. We also got the green light from local governments to create the 11-mile John Burroughs Black Creek Trail, which will run from our Black Creek Preserve to Illinois Mountain, with a connection to Walkway Over the Hudson.