Northeast Carbon Alliance Project Manager

Reporting to: President


The Northeast Carbon Alliance (NECA) was launched in May 2019 by Scenic Hudson and its partners to urgently advance the rapid implementation of greenhouse gas sequestration through regenerative land management practices and policies. NECA’s mission is:

Through science and collaboration, the Northeast Carbon Alliance brings together land managers, scientists and public policy experts to realize the great power of natural climate solutions to combat climate change – from Mountain Top to Ocean Floor – in the Hudson Valley, New York, Northeastern States, and beyond.

In a leadership role, the Project Manager and Scenic Hudson will steer the work of the Northeast Carbon Alliance (NECA) to translate work being done by Alliance scientists and research farms into findings, sharing methods and recommendations that will inform both on-the-ground practices and new public policies to advance carbon sequestration. Scientific data and lessons learned regarding carbon capture in agricultural settings will also be shared to inform sequestration regimes for forest and aquatic resources across the Northeast.

Scenic Hudson’s Land Conservation Team is also playing a leadership role in advancing regenerative agriculture as a key strategy in the battle against climate change. Combining on-the-ground implementation with scientific and policy expertise, we are catalyzing the transition to climate-friendly farming at multiple levels—from individual farms to the federal policy arena – by:

  • Launching two regenerative agriculture demonstration areas in the Hudson Valley that will spark adoption of farming practices that mitigate climate change, sustain food systems, and lead to new farm revenue opportunities across the food system.
  • Developing recommendations and actions aimed at enhancing the role of state governments in the Northeast and the US Department of Agriculture in providing technical assistance and funding for farmers making the transition to regenerative agriculture. We will also work to ensure that the benefits of this work are shared in ways that are equitable, accessible, inclusive and just for all, including Black, Indigenous, and People of Color.

Taken together, these efforts will engage farmers, stakeholders in the agricultural sector at the local, state, and interstate levels, elected officials, land trusts and scientists, forming a powerful constituency that can get results on the ground while putting the Northeast on the map as the Biden Administration and Congress set priorities for reauthorization of the Farm Bill in 2023.

Principle responsibilities include:

The Project Manager will advance work in 4 key categories:

  • Inspiring the Culture of the Alliance
  • Administrative Tasks
  • Public Communications
  • Committee Engagement

 Inspiring the Culture of the Alliance

  • Balance policy work with developing and maintaining our best partners who are researchers and land managers
  • Create a Cultural Value Statement informed by members of the Alliance
  • Maintain a speaker series and/ or workshops with individuals who can inspire and share innovative and compelling ideas about accomplishing NECA goals

 Administrative Tasks

  • Manage the overall operations of NECA
  • Define and implement an effective membership framework, build on existing working groups, attract new and diverse members, and consistently keep members informed and engaged in sharing progress and new learnings.
  • Plan, organize, and manage full group meetings biannually (spring and fall) and working Farm Data, Aquatic, Policy and other working group meetings monthly or quarterly.
  • Assist with managing the operation of working groups and committees (For Policy Committee, potential collaboration with Federal Policy Coordinator and other staff on the Advocacy, Policy and Science team)
  • Use policy work and advocacy to develop organizational capacity
  • Continue to seek funding opportunities for the Alliance’s ongoing operations and its members’ research needs and access to platforms for selling carbon credits.
  • Compare and align work with SURGE outcomes

 Public Communications

  • Identify process for reviewing public communications opportunities, amplifying scientific research, etc. and a strategy for sharing it with NECA membership and the broader public.
  • Utilize the NECA website as an information hub for members and a tool for the general public to learn more about the importance of carbon sequestration, regenerative agriculture, forestry, and other ecological services, as well as public policies and actions they can take to help. (Prioritize translation so that information is inclusive)
  • Determine relationship with new Federal Policy Coordinator
  • Represent NECA in various lobbing meetings, to be determined

Committee Engagement

  • Serve as a member of the Policy Committee with principal role being liaison to other committees to help ensure that policy goals are aligned with science and that the other committees work benefits in some way by policy advances
  • Assemble a scientific review committee to ensure appropriate discretion of what research to share (this committee ideally would represent each working group in the Alliance)
  • Assemble forestry and interdisciplinary working groups to represent and advance the work of the whole NECA membership
  • Advance efforts to establish a GIS-based platform for sharing and analyzing data relating to carbon sequestration and water infiltration among the research farms.

In collaboration with the Advocacy, Policy and Science Team, the NECA Project Manager will also assist with the following:

  • Continue to identify actionable policies for adoption by the NYS Climate Action Council through Ned Sullivan in his appointed position on the state Agriculture and Forestry Advisory Panel of the Climate Action Council.
  • Help shape policy recommendations on incentives for regenerative agriculture in the Hudson Valley and New York State, and potentially on a multistate basis, using the data and lessons learned from the NYS regenerative agriculture pilot study currently underway and Scenic Hudson’s own regenerative agriculture demonstration areas.
  • Promote passage of New York State’s Restore Mother Nature Bond Act in 2022. The measure includes provisions that would support public investment in soil health and carbon farming, which Scenic Hudson successfully lobbied to have included in the 2021 Legislative Session.
  • Work in collaboration with the Council of State Governments and other allies to formulate interstate and federal strategies to advance nature-based and working lands climate solutions.
  • Advocate for favorable policies and funding for northeast regenerative agriculture efforts in the 2023 Farm Bill reauthorization.

The NECA Project Manager will monitor progress by the Land Conservation Team on the two regenerative agriculture demonstration areas. The findings will be used to further inform work done by NECA.


Bachelors degree in Sustainability, Natural Resources or related field required, advanced degree preferred. Previous experience with project leadership and management required. Must have excellent communication skills- written, verbal and interpersonal.  Previous experience building coalitions, building and supporting network partners. Must be very organized with great attention to detail.  Ability to use technology, including database software, social media and project management software essential.

Compensation: Full Time, salary commensurate with experience.

Scenic Hudson is an Equal Opportunity Employer promoting cultural diversity and excellence. We are committed to the values of diversity, equity and inclusion, and strive to serve all of the people of the Hudson Valley by evaluating our projects, strategic initiatives and outcomes through that lens.