Scenic Hudson recognizes our many partners and collaborators who have contributed to this project in ways large and small.

Any opinions or analytic errors are Scenic Hudson’s alone. 


Thanks to:

·      Sean Larkin and Lev Tsypin – ThinkShout

·      Fran Dunwell, Betsy Blair, Kristin Marcell, Emilie Hauser, Dan Miller, John Ladd, Sarah Fernald – NYS DEC Hudson River Estuary Program  

** Special thanks are due to the NYS DEC Hudson River Estuary Program for funding and championing the 2011-2012 collection of a new LiDAR elevation survey of the entire Hudson River shoreline, without which this project and other efforts to project sea level rise impacts in the region would not have been possible.

·      Dennis Hall, Keil Schmidt – NOAA Coastal Services Center

·      Dr. Roger Flood – SUNY Stony Brook

·      Dr. Stuart Findlay – Cary Institute for Ecosystem Studies

·      Mark Lowry – NYS DEC Office of Climate Change

·      Barry Pendergrass – NYS DOS

·      George Schuler, Andy Peck – The Nature Conservancy, Office of Communities and Waterfronts