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Scenic Hudson Enthusiastic about Gov. Cuomo’s Environmental Budget Proposal

Will protect future generations by providing clean water, creating healthy communities

Ned Sullivan, President, 914 489 4630
Andy Bicking, Director of Public Policy, 914 489 1568


HUDSON VALLEY—Scenic Hudson today praised Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s Budget Address for outlining steps that will help to protect future generations. It calls for making strategic investments to improve the quality of drinking water, protect the Hudson River and natural areas and wildlife habitats along it, conserve working farms, encourage renewable energy and promote nature’s role in protecting communities.

Scenic Hudson President Ned Sullivan said, “We applaud Governor Cuomo’s proposals that will make the Hudson Valley a great place to live, work and visit. The region’s environment plays a critical role in creating opportunity for our communities and for our children and grandchildren. From the natural lands along the river’s edge to working family farms and urban centers, the valley’s environment is full of promise. It supports our tourism economy, provides fresh food and creates a center to our cultural and economic lives.”

Scenic Hudson Director of Public Policy and Special Projects Andy Bicking said, “The governor’s proposal for an environmental bond act and robust Environmental Protection Fund continue his well-established leadership on the environment. Scenic Hudson was encouraged by many elements of the governor’s budget address. We look forward to reviewing the details of his proposals and discussing these statewide and regional investments in the environment with the Legislature. Throughout this process, Scenic Hudson’s work will be guided by the impact the budget will have on community well-being, promoting the Hudson Valley’s regional identity and investing in strategies proven to address the environmental challenges of our time.”

Mr. Bicking noted that the governor’s budget address contained the following proposals of interest to Scenic Hudson—all of which would positively impact the Hudson Valley and New York State.

$3 billion Environmental Bond Act

This proposal will:

  • Create a new park in Kingston on land currently owned by Scenic Hudson
  • Conserve 4,000 acres of open space in the Hudson Valley
  • Invest in improvements to popular boat launches and public sites on the Hudson River
  • Restore 10,000 acres of wildlife habitat in a manner consistent with the state’s Habitat Restoration Plan for the Hudson River
  • Protect communities from the impacts of climate change
  • Safeguard the quality of drinking water from harmful algal blooms
  • Protect high-traffic public lands for future generations

$300 million Environmental Protection Fund

This proposal makes good on a commitment made in the state’s capital plan to fund the Environmental Protection Fund at $300 million for five consecutive years. This fund is critical to:

  • Conserve working farms that supply communities with fresh, local food
  • Conserve forests, which preserve habitat and protect drinking water, through the use of existing funds
  • Manage natural resources in the Hudson River Estuary
  • Provide incentive payments to farmers to enhance soil health and fight climate change
  • Assist local governments to revitalize their waterfronts as vibrant and economically productive community spaces
  • Support the creation and management of parks
  • Address solid waste issues
  • Invest in solutions to address the worst effects of climate change

Promoting Renewable Energy, Implementing the Climate Leadership & Community Protection Act

These proposals build on Gov. Cuomo’s national leadership in confronting climate change. They include:

  • Adopting policies that expedite the development of renewable energy
  • Creating programs to increase adoption of electronically-powered vehicles, a Green Job Tax Credit initiative, plans to retrofit homes and businesses to reduce their carbon emissions and promotion of offshore wind energy
  • Making the ban on hydrofracking permanent

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Scenic Hudson preserves land and farms and creates parks that connect people with the inspirational power of the Hudson River, while fighting threats to the river and the natural resources that are the foundation of prosperity in the Hudson Valley.