Act Now to Preserve River Access

If you have a favorite spot for fishing, kayaking or spending time on the east side of the Hudson River between Poughkeepsie and Rensselaer — or have a place where you’d like to be able to do those things — we want to hear from you.

Amtrak has proposed new fencing at several locations along this rail corridor, including places where communities have connected with the river for generations. We are creating an inventory of these spots, formal and informal, to develop a plan to identify current gaps in access, recommend places for safe new shoreline access and suggest ways to improve safety at existing rail crossings.

To make the inventory as comprehensive as possible, we’re counting on you.

Use our interactive map to pinpoint your favorite riverfront spots, as well as to suggest new places where you’d love to see access allowed.

Submit your favorite location by January 31.

And urge your friends to take part. The more input we have, the better our chances of preventing a new gate or fence from eliminating another long-cherished riverfront destination.

River Access for All
Photo: Courtesy of Around Germantown