1903 Film Clip: "Down the Hudson"

Monday, March 10, 2008 -- Jason Taylor

Poughkeepsie resident and film history buff Kerry Decker recently posted this unusual film clip documenting a 1903 steamboat ride along the Hudson River.

Scenic Hudson Senior Regional Planner Jeff Anzevino noted the following landmarks in the film:

"This should really be called “Up the Hudson." It starts just south of Haverstraw. The pointy topped peak is Little Tor. You can clearly make out Iona Island. This is before anything was built at Bear Mountain. You can see Con Hook and the dock just south of West Point (where the boat stops for a second) that is still there. The boat resumes, rounds West Point where it passes a series of tows, two tugboats and a sloop as it negotiates World’s End. Storm King is clearly discernible before the film ends in Newburgh."

The filmmakers "under-cranked" the camera to accelerate the apparent speed, so the entire journey takes less than three minutes.