Bird Watching from Indoors (Photo: MIKI Yoshihito on Flickr)

Bird Breeding Atlas

Want to contribute to a scientific project while doing something you may already love? Then sign up to start providing data for New York’s Bird Breeding Atlas. This initiative, spearheaded by the New York Natural Heritage Program, New York State...
Working Sketch of the Mastodon by Rembrandt Peale

The Mastodon’s Return

A fascinating — and extremely large — piece of Hudson Valley history has returned to America for a brief visit. With any luck, we’ll be able to see it. As part of the exhibit “Alexander von Humboldt and the United...
Rick Ostfeld holding a white-footed mouse

Tackling Ticks

Enjoying outdoor exercise helps boost our immune system and relieve stress, which has never been more important. But while a walk in the woods may keep you healthy on one hand, it also makes you a prime candidate for contracting...
Pre & Post COVID-19 (1-20-2020 vs. 3-20-2020)

Silver Lining

While the coronavirus pandemic continues to exert a catastrophic toll on human life and the economy, it has wound up having an unintended benefit on the environment. An interactive map created by Earther vividly documents how governments’ efforts to check...

Big Beasts

Occasionally we hear about mountain lion sightings in the Hudson Valley. And within short order, the stories are usually debunked. While the DEC states that New York has not sustained a native population of mountain lions (aka cougars) since the...
Male Eastern Bluebird (Photo: Patricia Pierce on Flicker (CC by 2.0))

Red, White & Bluebird

“When nature made the blue-bird she wished to propitiate both the sky and the earth, so she gave him the color of the one on his back and the hue of the other on his breast.” —John Burroughs Spotting a male eastern...

Keeping the Hudson Open

Perhaps more than ever before, the current health crisis has demonstrated the power of nature to provide solace and a respite from stress, while also highlighting the urgency to stop plans that would limit public enjoyment of the region’s natural...

Tiny Bubbles

A canal in Amsterdam is the site of an experimental initiative that could provide a simple yet innovative solution for ending the growing proliferation of harmful plastic in the world’s oceans. A garbage truck’s worth of this waste enters the...