Quiz: Do You Know Fall’s Most Vibrant Leaves?

The Hudson Valley is famous for its fall foliage, best seen across rolling hills, apple orchards, and riverside mountains. Everyone loves taking it all in from a panoramic view, of course. But a great way to deepen your appreciation for...
A waterfall along the Indian Ladder Trail in Thacher State Park.

Get Inspired at These Five Indigenous History Sites

Not long after the last glacier receded from the Hudson Valley 10,000 years ago, the region’s wildlife-filled forests, rich soils, and fish-filled waterways began attracting people. By the time of first European contact, members of Algonquin-speaking tribes — Munsee and...

#WildlifeLove: Eight Ways Skunks Might Surprise You

It turns out skunks do a lot more than create a big stink. Here’s the shocker: They often help humans smell better, by yes, contributing to your fancy perfume. Here are some amazing reasons why these little stinkers deserve more...
Crab apples

The Apples of Your Ancestors’ Daydreams

Centuries-old apple varieties that were almost pushed out by industrialization have started to get popular again in the Hudson Valley as farmers and cider makers recover more robust, flavorful fruits.  While loads of Gala or Honeycrisp may pop to mind...

Valley History Writ Small: Iona Island

On a rainy weekend in May, a few dozen hardy and curious hikers gathered near Route 9W in Bear Mountain State Park. There they met Donald “Doc” Bayne, an environmental educator and historian at Sterling Forest State Park. Bayne was...

Touring the HV by EV

Is this the year electric vehicles hit their tipping point? New York dug into a $750 million EV-infrastructure expansion. States like Massachusetts and California banned sales of new gas-powered cars by 2035. And while Tesla had gobbled up a lot...