Dredging on Hudson River 2012

PCB Cleanup Update

A June 4, 2020, article in Politico reported that levels of PCB toxins in Hudson River fish have not changed significantly over the last 2 years. This raises even more doubts about the effectiveness of the Superfund cleanup conducted by...
Cow Parsnip

Don’t Touch That Plant!

Trees, shrubs and wildflowers contribute so much beauty to the Hudson Valley — and joy to our lives — but here are 6 plants you definitely should stay away from while enjoying the outdoors. We’ve placed them in the order...
Alosa pseudoharengus, Common Name: Alewife

Disappearing Dams, Rebounding Ecosystems

On a spring day in 2016, workers removed an iron gate that had redirected the flow along the Wynants Kill in Troy toward an unused mill about a quarter mile from the Hudson. The goal: eliminate a dilapidated, unnecessary barrier...
Thurgood Marshall Painting by Betsy Graves Reyneau

Thurgood Marshall’s Valley Legacy

Travelers whizzing along Route 17 — perhaps on their way to or from hikes in Harriman or Sterling Forest State parks — may have noticed that a portion of the road in Rockland County is now named the Thurgood Marshall...
Dutchess Train Car

Riding the “Scenic Hudson”

With some luck, when you hop on the Metro North train in New York City, you may be able to take the “Scenic Hudson” to a Scenic Hudson park. That is, if it happens to pull up to the platform...
Ice Skate in Tree

Trees That Eat Things

Scenic Hudson Land Stewardship Coordinator Dan Smith photographed an ice skate being “eaten” by a tree on one of our protected properties in Ulster County. The skate was probably abandoned alongside the tree a number of years ago. Over time,...

Farmers Markets in the Time of COVID

The produce on sale at farmers markets, reopening for the season all across the Hudson Valley, remains as fresh as ever. That’s great news. But to keep consumers and farmers safe, operators have had to eliminate many features that contribute...

Celebrating Champions of Farming & Food Justice

Learn more about farmers and activists fighting for food justice, as well as other grassroots environmentalists in our People Who Make a Difference virtual gallery tour. Everybody deserves to eat healthy, nutritious food. Unfortunately, not everyone in our society has...

Candid Camera

What takes place in Scenic Hudson parks once the sun goes down and people go home? A series of motion-activated cameras in the forest at Shaupeneak Ridge and Black Creek Preserve give us a peek into the nocturnal activities of...
Striped Bass caught by Lauren Hepplewhite

Bass Notes

Spring is striper season on the Hudson River — a time of joy for fishing enthusiasts and biologists alike. From early April through the end of May (and, if anglers’ luck holds, into early June), striped bass will continue their...