Row Back

In mid-September, the Hudson River Rowing Association and The Mid-Hudson Rowing Association hosted a historic, 5,000-meter race along the course used from 1895 to 1951 by crews competing in the Intercollegiate Rowing Association’s annual championship. It was the first time in more...
Kingston waterfront, aerial view of AVR (photo by Pierce Johnston)

Kingston Transformation

More than 500 acres of forested and former industrial lands along the Hudson River will begin to heal from decades of neglect and ultimately become an oasis for nearby residents and visitors to explore nature, enjoy outdoor recreation and learn...
Kyle Cottier

Art & Nature

Kyle Cottier is part of a breed of young artists making a home in the Hudson Valley and using its natural features both for inspiration and material.
Spotted Lantern

Lantern Fly

Now, more than ever, be on the lookout for spotted lantern flies. Sightings of these EXTREMELY harmful insects, native to Asia, have just been confirmed in Manhattan’s Riverside Park as well as across the Hudson in Secaucus, N.J. — bringing...
Pumpkin Apple Soup

Smashing Pumpkins

When helping your kiddoes choose a pumpkin for jack-o’-lantern carving —here’s a list of the valley’s top pumpkin patches—pick up an extra and make this tasty seasonal soup.  As the recipe shows, pumpkins are good for more than pies. Here...
spaghetti squash

Nature’s Pasta

Local farmers markets now contain a bumper crop of spaghetti squash. True to its name, it tastes like pasta—yet it has none of the calories and lots more nutrients. However, also like pasta, it requires some “dressing up” to make...
osage orange

Strange Fruit

Now’s the time to spot one of the most unusual fruits found in the Hudson Valley — the Osage orange. FYI, it’s not edible and it’s not an orange. It’s actually a member of the mulberry family. Originally native to...
Womens' Suffrage March (photo courtesy Library of Congress)

First Steps

During this year’s centenary celebration of the passage of the U.S. Constitution’s 19th Amendment — granting women the right to vote — an interesting aspect leading up to this momentous event has been overlooked. On December 6, 1912, a group...
hudson river day line steamer

Cruising History

For a little over a century — from 1863 to 1971, in fact—a cruise on the Hudson River Day Line was a must-do Hudson Valley experience. The side-wheel steamships that plied between Manhattan and Albany offered passengers live music, a...
Legacy: core sample Storm King Mountain Geology

Rock Solid

Did you know that Storm King Mountain has a rock named after it? Or that Storm King granite, which underlies the mountain and other peaks in the Hudson Highlands, happens to be one of the oldest rocks in the world?...