The Top 10 Favorite Viewfinder Stories of 2022

A place whose past you know, present you appreciate, and future you can envision. That’s how we see the Hudson Valley. And that’s what we’ve tried to share this year through the HV Viewfinder. The full range of what this...

The Unlikely History of “Skate Sailing” Upstate

Water + wind = speed For centuries, that equation has driven sport in the Hudson Valley. Today it motivates people who go windsurfing, haul historic ice boats out of storage, or set sail on pocket-sized Sunfish dinghies. Sadly, the curtain...
From left: Jess Clark (Photo: Courtesy Willow Vale Farm), Ceyanto Family (Photo: Courtesy Ceyanto Family), Jonathan Kline (Photo: Courtesy Jonathan Kline)

Fresh Takes on Ancient Traditions: Weaving Natural Baskets

Baskets are as nostalgic as they are functional. Woven baskets from natural fibers have been around for millennia, and the tradition has been carried through different cultures around the world, including by Indigenous groups in North America. Although they’re among...
An aerial view of a Hudson Valley tree farm.

Cutting Down the Impact of That Christmas Tree

For those who celebrate one of the year-end holiday biggies, the time of year has come back around to ponder an age-old (okay, few-decades-old) question: real Christmas tree, or fake?  Sales of real and artificial Christmas trees in the U.S....

Three Reasons This Land Save is a Plus: Black Creek

Ensuring the permanent conservation of irreplaceable habitats on and along Black Creek and supporting the creation of a long-distance trail paralleling this important Hudson River tributary, Scenic Hudson has protected 66 acres in the Town of Lloyd, Ulster County. Here...

This Winter, Slash the Salt

In the best of winters, cold weather brings Hudson Valley residents both the silent stillness of a fresh snowfall and the feeling of safety on well-maintained local roads. But beneath the snowfall and black road top is a growing problem:...