Sojourner Truth, 1870

Honoring Sojourner Truth

Imagine being enslaved for 29 years — beginning at the moment of your birth. Imagine being subjected to cruelty that permanently scars your body. Imagine having someone renege on his promise to let you be free. This was reality for...
Jane Colden

Remembering America’s First Woman Botanist

Driving along the distinctly suburban stretch of Route 17K in Coldenham, a hamlet in Orange County’s Town of Montgomery, it’s hard to imagine a time when this could have been “the habitation only of wolves and bears and other wild...

Green Burial A Growing Option in the HV

Joel Kovel was laid to rest directly in the Hudson Valley ground, his body in a wicker casket pulled on a hand-drawn cart led by a jazz band. His funeral wasn’t the usual. But everything about what happened to Kovel’s...

Invite a Goat to Your Next Online Meeting

by Dalvin Aboagye As Kathy Stevens sits in the shade contemplating the Catskill Animal Sanctuary’s next move, she loses her train of thought at the sight of a few goats approaching. She beams at each of their bleats. The four...
Spotted Lanternfly

Watch Out for Spotted Lanternflies

The spotted lanternfly is one beautiful bug. With its wings outspread, an adult resembles an abstract painting, sporting geometric splotches of red, yellow, black and white. Unfortunately, it’s also a very destructive bug — which has led to an all-out...

Mapping the Hudson Valley’s Urban Ecosystem

Adam Dylan was a professional landscape designer by day, casual backyard gardener by night. Tending his family’s raised beds of vegetables and native flowers last summer, he’d be digging in the soil, thinking about how some of his friends and...
Barbara Carol Ann Moran Towing Vessel

Tugspotting on the Hudson

A special antenna extends off the top of Jeff Anzevino’s roof in Highland, N.Y. Its crafty wire picks up signals from vessels going up and down the Hudson, beaming them to a satellite that feeds them back into various apps. ...
Abaca Mask

Bioplastics as a Climate Solution

Plastic isn’t just a pollution problem or a health problem — it’s also a climate change problem. The impacts of plastic waste on oceans and shorelines are have been devastating. And a 2019 study by the University of Newcastle in...
Monarch Butterfly

Mowing for Monarchs

Most homeowners rev up the mower when the grass loses its buzz-cut look. But how does Scenic Hudson decide when to mow the meadows in our parks and preserves? “It’s a balancing act,” says Land Stewardship Coordinator Dan Smith. “Whenever...