Perkins Memorial Tower, Bear Mountain State Park, NY

The CCC’s Hudson Valley Legacy

Earlier this year a New York Times op-ed called for the U.S. to dust off one of President Franklin Roosevelt’s New Deal programs, the Civilian Conservation Corps, to boost the pandemic economy by creating jobs that benefit the environment. That...

See Sunflowers Blooming Now in the Hudson Valley

Hand-painted “here comes the sun” signs dot the entrance of an extra-inviting field on Sleight-Plass Road near La Grange. 2022 marks the fifth year Hudson Valley Cold Pressed Oils is welcoming a field of blooming sunflowers. It’s among just a...
Danskammer Energy

New Regs May Help N.Y. Meet Its Big Climate Goals

Last year, New York State established itself as a leader in climate action when the Legislature passed and Gov. Andrew Cuomo signed the Climate Leadership and Community Protection Act. The law, which the New York Times called “one of the...

Grow Black Hudson Cultivates Gardeners of Color

Amid the brick and brownstone homes of Hudson, Nkoula Badila is teaching fellow residents within the city’s communities of color to sow seeds of green. After launching a GoFundMe campaign in June, Badila’s community gardening initiative, Grow Black Hudson, shot...
House Cat

Make Your Cat an Eco-Asset

A new motion-activated camera at Scenic Hudson’s Juniper Flats Preserve in Ulster County captured the image of a killer cat caught red-handed with a bird between its jaws. The photo drove home a sobering and little-known fact: domestic felines can...

COVID-19 Drove Exercise Outdoors. Will It Last?

After months of lockdown limbo, gyms and fitness centers in New York State are beginning to reopen. The pandemic drove millions to shift exercise outside, to parks and beyond, in the meantime. It seems like everybody’s getting out there —...

Poughkeepsie Gets Cleaner-Water Shout-Out

Raise a tall glass (of water) to Poughkeepsie! Erin Brockovich’s new book, “Superman’s Not Coming,” calls for everyday citizens to speak up on community and environmental issues, including clean water. The famous activist highlights Poughkeepsie as an example of doing...
Sojourner Truth, 1870

Honoring Sojourner Truth Where She Walked to Freedom

Imagine being enslaved for 29 years — beginning at the moment of your birth.Imagine being subjected to cruelty that permanently scars your body.Imagine having someone renege on his promise to let you be free. This was reality for Ulster County-born...
Jane Colden

Remembering America’s First Woman Botanist

Driving along the distinctly suburban stretch of Route 17K in Coldenham, a hamlet in Orange County’s Town of Montgomery, it’s hard to imagine a time when this could have been “the habitation only of wolves and bears and other wild...