Striped Bass caught by Lauren Hepplewhite

Bass Notes

Spring is striper season on the Hudson River — a time of joy for fishing enthusiasts and biologists alike. From early April through the end of May (and, if anglers’ luck holds, into early June), striped bass will continue their...

Bird Scavenger Hunt

It’s never too early to start your kids on the road to what could become a rewarding and lifelong hobby — birdwatching. Keeping a lookout for these colorful and aerobatic creatures is a fun and interactive activity that can strengthen...
Hutton Bricks

10 Facts About HV Bricks

Scattered along the shores of the Hudson River, it’s not hard to find red “rocks” — or the remnants of bricks. Sometimes you’ll even find one intact enough to still display the name of the factory where it was made....

Celebrating Champions of Green Spaces

This week we are celebrating people who work to connect people with green spaces. Learn more about them and other grassroots environmentalists in our People Who Make a Difference virtual gallery tour. Whether it’s a 1,000-acre nature preserve or a small...

Crystal Lake Community Farm

Crystal Lake Community Farm in Newburgh, New York, is a partnership between Merakay Center, the city of Newburgh, and Scenic Hudson. The garden is situated near Crystal Lake — once a popular swimming spot but virtually abandoned since the 1970s...

Earth Day 50: Looking Back, Looking Ahead

In the week following Earth Day’s 50th anniversary, Ned Sullivan appeared as an expert guest on a couple of popular valley radio programs. In addition to providing insight on the importance of that first event in 1970, he described strides...

It’s a Good Time to Bike

“When the spirits are low, when the day appears dark, when work becomes monotonous, when hope hardly seems worth having, just mount a bicycle and go out for a spin down the road, without thought on anything but the ride...
Main Street, Beacon, NY

Beacon Shines

The City of Beacon (Dutchess County) continues earning its stripes as a beacon for a sustainable future. It is one of fewer than 40 municipalities across the state to receive bronze certification as a Climate Smart Community. Its commitment to...

Park Alternatives

With the nicer weather, more and more people are heading out to popular parks and trails, making it more difficult to practice social distancing guidelines. If you’d like to skip the parks, here are some alternatives for enjoying safe outdoor...