Celebrating Champions of Clean Water

This week we are celebrating activists who have worked to safeguard clean water for all. Learn more about them and other grassroots environmentalists in our People Who Make a Difference virtual gallery tour. Clean water — or the lack thereof...

Life, Liberty & the Hudson Valley

The fireworks and cookouts we enjoy on the Fourth of July celebrate the Declaration of Independence. This year, also light a sparkler to honor the courageous signers of the “Coxsackie Declaration of Independence,” drafted 246 years ago, in May of...

Inside Scoop

On  Earth Day 2020, more than 300 people and organizations — including Scenic Hudson — came together virtually to advocate state leaders for increased public health and environmental protections. The day included a series of brief “conversations” with legislators about hot-button...
Alexandria Villasenor

Celebrating Youth Climate Activists

This week, in honor of Earth Day’s focus on climate action, we’re celebrating youth activists who have made it their mission to fight for our future. Learn more about them and other grassroots environmentalists in our People Who Make a...
Rachel Carson

Rachel Carson & the Clearwater

Rachel Carson’s Silent Spring, published in 1962, is considered the bible of the modern environmental movement. Its compelling and science-based account of the horrors inflicted on Earth’s entire ecosystem by the pesticide DDT galvanized people to take a stand against...
Community, Legacy

Earth Day Resolution

New Year’s Day is long gone, and so are a lot of the well-intentioned resolutions we made. But that’s never stopped us from trying—so why not make an Earth Day resolution? There are lots of ways you can help the...
Bird Watching from Indoors (Photo: MIKI Yoshihito on Flickr)

Bird Breeding Atlas

Want to contribute to a scientific project while doing something you may already love? Then sign up to start providing data for New York’s Bird Breeding Atlas. This initiative, spearheaded by the New York Natural Heritage Program, New York State...
Working Sketch of the Mastodon by Rembrandt Peale

The Mastodon’s Return

A fascinating — and extremely large — piece of Hudson Valley history has returned to America for a brief visit. With any luck, we’ll be able to see it. As part of the exhibit “Alexander von Humboldt and the United...
Rick Ostfeld holding a white-footed mouse

Tackling Ticks

Enjoying outdoor exercise helps boost our immune system and relieve stress, which has never been more important. But while a walk in the woods may keep you healthy on one hand, it also makes you a prime candidate for contracting...