Binnen Kill

Global Deal for Nature

UN researchers estimate that 1 million plant and animal species face extinction. Meanwhile, January 2020 was the warmest in the 141 years of record-keeping. Hoping to roll back alarming statistics like these, a group of scientists have suggested making 30%...
Pine Street African Burial Site (Photo by Kristopher Johnson)

Living Black History

Something to ponder during Black History Month: Prior to the abolition of slavery in New York in 1827, it was the largest slave-owning state north of the Mason Dixon line. The first 11 enslaved people arrived in New Amsterdam (now...

Stop Danskammer Now

While developers of the proposed new gas-fired Danskammer power plant in Newburgh insist in public that it will be much “cleaner” than the current facility, their application to the state Siting Board reveals the truth — the plant’s more frequent combustion of...
Tyler Borchert- Teardrop

Rockin’ Art

Tyler Borchert’s Teardrop has been getting lots of press and social media attention. That’s not surprising — it’s a fascinating, even thought-provoking piece. But those interested in seeing it for themselves should visit ASAP because it could be gone in...

Connecting Hudson to Nature

Offering the potential to provide new health and quality-of-life benefits for City of Hudson residents and visitors, Scenic Hudson has protected 80 acres of scenic and ecologically important land just outside the city — the first step in creating a...
Farm One

Basement Bounty

Located in Manhattan’s Tribeca, Farm.One fully embraces the expression “down on the farm” — this hydroponic farm is located in a basement. What’s more, it moves the farm-to-table movement at warp speed: Farm.One prides itself on delivering fresh produce to...
NOLA Resilience Plan

Sister Act

Since 2005, the Sisters of St. Joseph of Medaille faced adversity of biblical proportions. First, flooding from Hurricane Katrina significantly damaged the New Orleans convent and school of this Roman Catholic order. On the way to restoring it, a fire...

Farming in Nursery School?

Could the nursery school of the future consist of greenhouses and vegetable gardens? Yes, if the European architecture firm Aut Aut Architettura gets its way. Nursery Fields Forever, its winning entry in a design competition for an urban nursery school...
Flash Forest

Flying Forestry

Could drones play a role in halting climate change? A company in Canada thinks so. Toronto-based Flash Forest has proposed using drones to plant more than 1 billion trees worldwide by 2028. It maintains that its specially outfitted gizmos could...

Snow Birds

Why do some birds in the Hudson Valley opt NOT to fly south for the winter, instead braving the cold and congregating at backyard birdfeeders? First and foremost, they’ve decided it takes less energy to forage locally for food —...