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Rounding Up Family and Friends to Monitor Eels

Growing up in Queens, I never once thought, “I’d like to study eels one day,” but in early 2020 my...

The Shad Are Running — But for How Much Longer?

April usually marks the beginning of the shad run in the Hudson River, when adult males and females begin journeying...
Dredging on Hudson River 2012

PCB Cleanup Update

A June 4, 2020, article in Politico reported that levels of PCB toxins in Hudson River fish have not changed...

Keeping the Hudson Open

Perhaps more than ever before, the current health crisis has demonstrated the power of nature to provide solace and a...
Athens, NY from the air

Victory in Athens

Great news: A developer has withdrawn its application to create a construction and demolition debris processing facility along the Hudson...
Gilboa Fossil

On the Stump

Traces of the earliest trees — and forest — yet to be discovered on Earth were found just outside the...

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