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Fox (Photo: Jans Canon on Flickr (CC BY 2.0))

Which HV Animal Lives for 60 Years?


Along with human enjoyment, Scenic Hudson parks provide habitat for an astonishing variety of wildlife. Some of these animals inhabit our parks for just a few weeks, while others live in them for a decade or more.

People have spotted a big range of different species (and more recently, our trail cam footage has clearly shown bears, coyotes and even a deer peering into the lens). That got us wondering: How long do various local creatures live?

Here’s a quick reference guide to the life spans of some of the most common animals who share our Hudson Valley home.

Download the chart.

When it came to fish, of course, we had to use our imagination a little more than sightings, but we know they’re out there! The life span of the Atlantic sturgeon stunned us.

But who knew a snapping turtle lived three decades? Or that a female mosquito wreaks so much havoc in such a short lifespan? They’re all part of a balanced ecosystem — and in an age of habitat loss, parks and conservation lands are more important to keeping that system balanced than ever.

We hope your mind will be blown by some of the creatures on our chart, too — and that you’ll keep a sharp eye out for amazing wildlife the next time you visit one of our parks.

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