Earth Day Resolution

New Year’s Day is long gone, and so are a lot of the well-intentioned resolutions we made. But that’s never stopped us from trying—so why not make an Earth Day resolution?

There are lots of ways you can help the planet without leaving your home turf. Some are simple, others more time-consuming. The key (as with all resolutions) is to carry through once you commit. What’s great is that you’ll not only benefit the planet and wildlife we share it with, but usually you and your family as well.

Here are just a few ideas. Check our social media channels during the coming week for more resolutions from our staff.

  • Start a compost pile or bin and turn your garbage into plant food
  • Plant native, pollinator-friendly flowers in your yard. (This guide is a great resource)
  • Install a birdfeeder and birdbath and keep them filled
  • Use all-natural fertilizers and pesticides
  • Trade in the gas-powered lawnmower for a push-reel model
  • Switch to reusable plastic, glass, or metal containers
  • Get your electricity from a community solar farm. (Locate a project near you here)
  • Buy locally grown produce, either direct from nearby farms or at a community farmers market
  • Start growing some of your own vegetables and herbs