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Madam Brett Park
Madam Brett Park

10 Scenic Hudson Parks You Can Get to By Train


Who says you need a car to explore Scenic Hudson parks? A ride on Metro-North’s Hudson Line and a short walk will deliver you to these 10 outstanding places where you can admire the Hudson River, connect with nature, go fishing, rent a kayak, or just sit and enjoy a little peace and quiet.


Esplanade Park

A 2-minute walk from the station brings you to this 1,000-foot walkway paralleling the river’s edge that offers magnificent views of the New York City skyline and across the river to the Palisades.

Esplanade Park
Esplanade Park

Van der Donck Park at Larkin Plaza

Relax and enjoy nature in this park right outside the station’s front door. Its centerpiece is the Saw Mill River, a Hudson River tributary that flowed beneath a parking lot here for 80 years until being “daylighted.”   

Van der Donck Park at Larkin Plaza (Photo: SH Staff)

Habirshaw Park

Take a 5-minute stroll to arrive at the only place in downtown Yonkers where you can dip a toe in the river. It’s also a prime sunbathing spot.

Habirshaw Park
Habirshaw Park


Scenic Hudson Park at Irvington

A minute from the station, the park features a riverfront walking path offering views spanning from the Manhattan skyline to the Tappan Zee. There’s a basketball court for LeBron James wannabes.

Scenic Hudson Park at Irvington
Scenic Hudson Park at Irvington


Scenic Hudson RiverWalk Park

Stroll westward for 2 minutes and you’ll arrive at this riverfront oasis (formerly site of an asphalt plant) featuring an esplanade as well as lawns perfect for siestas.

Scenic Hudson Riverwalk Park at Tarrytown (Photo: Robert Rodriguez, Jr.)


Scenic Hudson Park at Peekskill Landing

Hop off the train and walk right into this park, whose walking path offers an up-close look at Peekskill Bay—and maybe a bald eagle. For more exercise, stroll 2 miles south along the city’s RiverWalk.

Scenic Hudson Park at Peekskill Landing
Scenic Hudson Park at Peekskill Landing

Cold Spring

Foundry Dock Park, Cold Spring

Right across the station’s parking lot, this park is small but offers BIG views of the dramatic Hudson Highlands. Those craving more action can bring a kayak and paddle through nearby Constitution Marsh.

West Point Foundry Preserve, Cold Spring

Take a 10-minute walk along scenic Foundry Cove to visit this woodsy “outdoor museum” containing remains of a 19th-century ironworks whose cannons helped win the Civil War.

West Point Foundry Preserve (Photo: Robert Rodriguez, Jr.)


Scenic Hudson’s Long Dock Park

For optimal enjoyment of this riverside mecca 2 minutes from the station, bring a blanket, picnic or fishing pole. For more action, bring a bike (our Madam Brett Park is 1 mile away on the flat Klara Sauer Trail) or a kayak, and paddle into Newburgh Bay.

Madam Brett Park
Madam Brett Park


Walkway Over the Hudson

Take the elevator 5 minutes away to enjoy magnificent views from the world’s longest elevated pedestrian bridge. For more fun, take the Walkway Loop Trail or hike at idyllic Franny Reese State Park.

Walkway Loop Trail (Photo: Robert Rodriguez, Jr.)

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