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Environmental Groups Call on EPA to Stop GE’s Midnight Move and Investigate Flawed Fish Data

Thursday, September 3, 2015 -- Scenic Hudson

Jay Burgess, Scenic Hudson,, (845) 473-4440, Ext. 222
Leah Rae, Riverkeeper,, (914) 478-4501 ext. 238 or (914) 715-6821
Toni Martin, Hudson River Sloop Clearwater,, (845) 265-8080, x7112

Hudson Valley, N.Y. – Riverkeeper, Clearwater and Scenic Hudson are demanding immediate action from federal authorities in response to revelations of flawed fish data and premature dismantling of equipment used in the historic Hudson River PCBs cleanup project – problems that threaten to undermine the entire effort.

Industrial Landowner Protects Mile-Long Ridgeline in Catskill

Thursday, September 3, 2015 -- Scenic Hudson

Jay Burgess
Director of Communications, Scenic Hudson, Inc.
Tel: (845) 473-4440 x222 Cell: (914) 489-0362 Fax: (845) 473-0740

Peckham Property from Olana

Arrow highlights mile-long forested ridgeline in Catskill that contributes to outstanding views enjoyed from the Hudson River, the Rip Van Winkle Bridge, Olana State Historic

AUDIO BLOG: EPA Must Pressure GE to do the Right Thing

Thursday, August 27, 2015 -- Ned Sullivan

In this commentary—featured on in late August of 2015—Scenic Hudson Director of Communications Jay Burgess explains why two more seasons of dredging are needed to restore the Hudson and why GE must not be allowed to decommission its PCB cleanup facilities prematurely.

"NOW IS THE TIME: GE Must Extend its PCB Cleanup to Restore the Hudson"