We love the Hudson River Valley. That’s why we work every day to protect it. From legislative campaigns to grassroots efforts, we advocate on behalf of the land, water and people of this region to protect and preserve this majestic place.

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Current Campaigns

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Barge dredging PCBs from Hudson River

Hudson River Toxic PCB Cleanup

These cancer-causing toxins contaminate 200 miles of the river, imperiling humans and wildlife and delaying economic opportunity.
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Danskammer Power Plant

If built, this fossil-fuel plant would contribute to climate change, set back NY’s clean energy goals, and pollute our air and water.
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Hudson River Amtrak Fences

This proposal would create barriers at popular destinations for fishing, launching boats and enjoying river views.
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Maeskantkering storm surge barrier near Rotterdam (photo: Bart van Eyck)

Hudson River Storm Surge Barriers

Sea gates to halt flooding in NYC from events like Superstorm Sandy could damage 150 miles of irreplaceable aquatic habitat.
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Past Campaigns

Trains bearing crude oil in Albany
Expanded Crude Oil Operations (Albany)

Decreasing the likelihood of hazardous spills and health threats in local neighborhoods, Global Partners decided not to build new crude oil facilities. We partnered in opposing the expanded operations.


Pilgrim Pipelines (Hudson Valley)

We engaged citizens and communities to oppose this proposal to construct two crude oil pipelines through the valley. The outcry against the project led to its abandonment, halting potential environmental, public health and safety threats.


Indian Point nuclear plant
Indian Point Nuclear Power Plant (Buchanan)

Ending the harm it causes aquatic wildlife and public safety, New York State and plant owner Entergy agreed to close this outdated facility by 2021 — ending our decades-long campaign to shut it down.


Emeline Park
Rockland Desalination Plant (Haverstraw)

Our six-year campaign to halt construction of an environmentally harmful desalination plant on Haverstraw Bay — site of some of the river’s most important aquatic habitats — ended in victory when plans to build the facility…