Board of Directors

Scenic Hudson Officers and Directors


Non-Board Committee Members

  • Josh Ginsberg, Science, Climate and Stewardship Committee
  • Andrew Gundlach, Investment Committee
  • Owen Gutfreund, River Cities
  • Susan C. Livingston, Advocacy Committee
  • Kim Mathews, Parks Committee
  • David H. Mortimer, Advocacy Committee and Parks Committee
  • David Redden, Science, Climate and Stewardship Committee
  • Christopher Scholz, River Cities
  • Bill Schuster, Science, Climate and Stewardship Committee
  • Katherine Spector, Advocacy Committee
  • Wheelock Whitney III, River Cities

The Scenic Hudson Land Trust Officers and Directors


Honorary Directors

  • Anne P. Cabot
  • George W. Gowen
  • Barnabas McHenry
  • Elizabeth B. Pugh
  • David Redden
  • Laurance Rockefeller
  • Alexander E. Zagoreos

President’s Council of Advisors

  • Christopher Buck
  • Andrea Soros Colombel
  • Peter J. Davoren
  • Susan C. Livingston
  • Frank Martucci
  • Elizabeth J. McCormack
  • James H. Ottaway, Jr.
  • Jennifer Speers