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Making the Hudson Valley a model for responding to climate change — the greatest environmental threat of our time.

The effects of climate change are already evident here in the Hudson Valley. We are actively working to lessen the magnitude of its impacts through conservation, planning, policy and awareness. We’re also generating and sharing science-based best practices that will help communities become more resilient to what’s ahead.

Working with other stakeholders throughout the region, we are developing groundbreaking tools, strategies and initiatives to:

  • Protect lands that make habitats more resilient to rising sea levels and other climate impacts
  • Promote renewable energy that avoids or mitigates impacts to natural, scenic and historic assets
  • Support and encourage farmers’ use of climate-smart agricultural practices
  • Help riverfront communities prepare for rising sea levels and more frequent flooding

Our goal is to work toward a future that balances and reduces risks to people, property and nature and holds the promise of secure, thriving riverfront communities within a vibrant, healthy ecosystem.

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