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Annual Report

2023: Building on 60 Years of Success

The most fitting way to celebrate Scenic Hudson’s 60th anniversary, which we mark this year, is to keep moving forward with the same courage and conviction that motivated our founders in 1963.

They united to stop a massive power plant from defacing majestic Storm King Mountain in the Hudson Highlands, in the process igniting America’s modern grassroots environmental movement.

Building on their legacy, Scenic Hudson has gone on to protect 50,000+ acres of astonishing natural beauty, conserve 140+ family farms, create or enhance 65+ places to connect with the outdoors, and transform contaminated urban waterfronts into spectacular riverfront destinations.

Today, sustained by the generosity of so many — including you — and an ever-growing corps of partners, we continue adding to these accomplishments. In the last year, Scenic Hudson:

  • Conserved more than 1,200 acres, including fields and orchards on family farms that supply fresh produce to local, regional, and New York City markets.
  • Created one of the longest public waterfronts in the valley by protecting 180 acres adjacent to Sojourner Truth State Park (whose land we preserved in 2019).
  • Helped assure New York’s green future by playing a leading advocacy role in securing passage of the Clean Water, Clean Air, and Green Jobs Environmental Bond Act.
  • Developed new trails for recreation and car-free transportation, revitalized parks, and supported urban farming in the River Cities of Poughkeepsie, Newburgh, and Kingston.

Scenic Hudson’s founders were aware they faced an uphill battle to protect Storm King, but they persevered and prevailed. Likewise, we know that reaching our goal — making this magnificent valley a healthier and safer place for everyone to live, work, and play — will take considerable time and energy. We’re committed to the effort — it’s part of Scenic Hudson’s DNA — and we’re confident that with your support, we will succeed.

Download our 2023 Annual Report to learn more about our goals for the future and steps we will take to achieve them.

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