About Us

Mission: To sustain and enhance the Hudson Valley’s inspirational beauty and health for generations to come.

Hudson Valley’s Largest Environmental Organization

Founded in 1963 to save iconic Storm King Mountain from a destructive industrial project, Scenic Hudson is credited with launching the modern grassroots environmental movement. Today, with more than 25,000 ardent supporters, we are the largest environmental group in the region.

In the face of new and ongoing challenges — as well as the effects of climate change — we remain committed to making the Hudson Valley a great place to live, work and play by preserving and strengthening the region’s great assets — beautiful open spaces, working farms, and historic cities and town centers.

In 2008, Scenic Hudson became one of the nation’s first land trusts to be recognized for meeting the highest standards in conserving land for public benefit. This gold seal of credibility came from the Land Trust Accreditation Commission, an independent program of the Land Trust Alliance.

Since then, Scenic Hudson has proudly received this professional mark of distinction two more times. The reason: our track record in ethically and soundly protecting the region’s most important scenic, agricultural and ecological land through innovative strategies.

Scenic Hudson is now applying for renewal of this voluntary accreditation. As part of a rigorous screening process, the Commission invites public input and accepts signed, written comments, regarding how Scenic Hudson operates with the highest ethical and technical standards.

To submit your comment or to learn more about the accreditation program, CLICK HERE.

Or you can send comments via email (info@landtrustaccreditation.org) or mail (Land Trust Accreditation Commission, Attn: Public Comments, 36 Phila Street, Suite 2, Saratoga Springs, NY 12866). The public comment period is open until July 1, 2024.

Accreditation empowers land trusts to gain more supporters — and save more land. That’s a win for ecology, the economy, our communities and more. Thank you for helping!