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Meeting New York’s Ambitious Climate Goals: Conflict, Compromise, and NIMBY in Renewable Energy Siting

February 28, 2022

10th Annual Woodstock Land Conservancy Film & Discussion Series

In 2019, NYS passed the most ambitious, hopeful, and solution-oriented legislation in the country to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. By 2030, 70% of our electricity must come from renewables. In our part of the Hudson Valley, this means solar farms. Where will they go, who will make the decisions, and what will be the competing demands of agriculture, housing, tourism, and aesthetics?

We all want action on climate change. How do we balance people’s reservations against the pressing need to act now? Engage with short videos and live interviews plus Q&A with some of the climate leaders in the Hudson Valley, including Jen Metzger, former State Senator and current advisor to New Yorkers for Clean Power, and Audrey Friedrichsen, Land Use and Environmental Advocacy Attorney for Scenic Hudson.

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