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Beebe Hill Fire Tower

Beebe Hill Fire Tower
Beebe Hill Fire Tower (Photo: Sean Boyles)

East Chatham (Columbia County)

Why we love it

Why this tower doesn’t have the cachet of its Catskills cousins is surprising since it offers jaw-dropping views with moderate effort to enjoy them. Yes, the mile-or-so trail to reach Beebe’s 1,726-foot summit goes steadily uphill, but it won’t leave you gasping for air if you take it easy and enjoy the pretty woodland scenery. From the tower’s cab, you’ll survey the nearby Berkshires, far-off Catskills and everything in between. Interestingly, the tower has done some “hiking,” too. Built in 1928, it arrived here in 1964 after topping two other peaks.

More to explore

A lean-to near the tower offers free overnight accommodations. Beebe Hill State Forest and adjacent Harvey Mountain State Forest offer an additional 20 miles of trails to explore. Stockbridge, Massachusetts — the “capital” of the Berkshires — is just 15 minutes away.


  • Magnificent views
  • Moderately strenuous hike through pretty scenery

Directions, hours, etc.: (follow directions for Barrett Pond parking area)