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Black Rock Forest

Cornwall (Orange County)

Why we love it

With several overlooks, reservoirs, cascades and other points of interest connected by a robust trail system, Black Rock Forest deserves a top spot in every local hiker’s regular rotation, both for its beauty and because it’s rarely crowded. Best bet: a 5.4-mile loop to visit two reservoirs (one with an impressive spillway) and climb to an expansive overlook of the Hudson River and Catskills. A recently constructed pathway offers a universally-accessible trail to an overlook, ensuring that all who visit will enjoy a stunning Hudson Valley view.

More to explore

Almost directly across the road from Black Rock Forest sits a trailhead for Storm King Mountain, another excellent hike that offers killer views.


  • Rugged hike with relatively gentle ascents
  • Awesome Hudson River overlook from Black Rock
  • Beautiful reservoirs

Directions, hours, etc.: