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Camp Bluefields Ruins — Blauvelt State Park

Blauvelt (Rockland County)

Why we love it

Simply put, it’s spooky in a good way. When the NY National Guard opened it in 1909, Bluefields was reportedly the largest rifle range in the U.S. After nearby residents complained about stray bullets hitting their homes, the facility closed in 1913. It reopened during World War II. Soldiers traversed the tunnels that remain to cross the range, avoiding the line of fire. More recently, graffiti artists (some more talented than others) have used the concrete bunkers as a canvas. Reaching the intriguing site requires an easy, out-and-back woodland walk of about 3 miles.

More to explore

Nearby Nyack contains many interesting shops and restaurants.


  • Fascinating military ruins (bring a flashlight)
  • Interesting graffiti

Directions, hours, etc.: