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Claudius Smith’s Den

Claudius Smith's Den
Claudius Smith’s Den (Photo: Mike Adamovic)

Sloatsburg (Rockland County)

Why we love it

In addition to offering a good workout and fine views, this 4-mile out-and-back hike provides a tangible link to the hardships faced by local residents during the American Revolution. It leads to the reputed hideout of the guerilla band led by Smith that stole livestock they sold to the British and valuables they kept for themselves. At this “duplex” den, horses were supposedly stabled in the lower rock shelter, while the marauders camped out in the impregnable upper cleft (reachable via a short scramble). True or not, Smith was captured and hanged in 1779.

More to explore

Stop at Auntie El’s Farm Market in Sloatsburg for some fresh produce and a mouthwatering selection of just-baked pies.


  • Superb views
  • Fascinating rock formations with historic connections

Directions, hours, etc.: