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Croton Gorge Park

Croton-On-Hudson (Westchester County)

Why we love it

Said to be the third-largest hand-hewn stone structure in the world — behind the Great Wall of China and the Great Pyramids — Croton Gorge Dam holds its own with these ancient wonders. In fact, with a dramatic waterfall tumbling down the rocks beside it, and a footbridge that lets you look down on the falls and the huge spillway that feeds them, it’s a must-see. A relatively easy trail (2 miles round trip) takes you from the foot of the dam to its top, where you also can gaze across the picturesque Croton Reservoir it impounds.

More to explore

Teatown Lake Reservation, with its impressive floating boardwalk and expansive trail system, is just a short drive (or a long hike) from Croton Gorge Park.


  • Slightly uphill trail leading to a pedestrian walkway atop a gigantic stone dam
  • Dramatic waterfall flowing right beside the dam
  • Views across the reservoir

Directions, hours, etc.: