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Dibbles Quarry

Elka Park (Greene County)

Why we love it

A great way to introduce children to hiking, this moderate, 1-mile ascent through traditional (read “beautiful” and “serene”) Catskills scenery leads to a payoff that astounds young and old alike. This 19th-century bluestone quarry, one of many in the mountains that furnished rock for New York City’s sidewalks, appears almost out of nowhere. What makes it fascinating? Someone (nobody knows who) crafted huge chairs and tables out of the leftover slabs, creating in effect a throne room for giants. Let the kids explore while you grab a seat and enjoy one of the Catskills’ unforgettable views.

More to explore

Continuing up the trail, you’ll shortly reach a small waterfall and a beaver pond. Return the way you came unless you’re up for a strenuous trek.


  • Undemanding hike through beautiful Catskills landscape
  • Fascinating rock quarry remains
  • Spectacular views

Directions, hours, etc.: