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Grasshopper Grove

Grasshopper Grove
Grasshopper Grove (Photo: Mike Adamvic)

Cornwall (Orange County)

Why we love it

The Hudson Highlands Nature Museum, which created Grasshopper Grove, calls it a “bridge” between “a mowed lawn and the wild woods.” Technically accurate, but we prefer to think of this half-acre playground-in-name-only as an exciting place for kids to explore nature by having fun with (and in) it. They’re provided with lots of inspiration — pine cones, a dirt pile, a fallen log, etc. It’s up to their imaginations what to do with them. Amazingly, youngsters have such a blast they don’t realize they’re learning important motor skills and beginning a lifelong appreciation for the wild world.

More to explore

The museum also features 3 miles of woodland trails. For pre- or post-play refreshment, the market at Cornwall’s Jones Farm, the last working farm in the Hudson Highlands, offers baked goods and homegrown produce.


  • Unique play space
  • Museum also features 3 miles of trails

Directions, hours, etc.: