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High Falls

High Falls
High Falls, the 150′ waterfall at the High Falls Conservation Area, a Columbia Land Conservancy property (CLC). Once private property and inaccessible to the public, now open due to the efforts of CLC. (Photo: Robert Stone)

Philmont (Columbia County)

Why we love it

Dropping 150 feet, High Falls ranks as Columbia County’s tallest waterfall. That’s reason enough to visit. Even more special is its remoteness — without being all that remote. It’s just half a mile from civilization, but perched in a hemlock-shaded ravine that gives it the feel of being located in the middle of nowhere. Thank the Columbia Land Conservancy for protecting this beauty and creating the trails offering opportunities to view it from several vantage points.

More to explore

Just down the road, the Farm at Miller’s Crossing offers homegrown organic produce and locally made baked goods (May-Oct) at its store housed in a 250-year-old Dutch barn. Scenic Hudson partnered with the farmers and Columbia Land Conservancy to protect 300 acres of surrounding fields. Renowned for its great variety of antiques stores and restaurants, the City of Hudson is less than 20 minutes away.


  • Columbia County’s tallest waterfall
  • A short but scenic hike with three trail options
  • Great spot for picnicking

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