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Schunemunk Mountain

Orange County

Why we love it

This 9-mile trek requires a knee-jarring 1,500 feet in elevation gain, but it amply rewards the effort. It begins with a pleasant romp through meadows before starting its main ascent through the woods and past a pretty waterfall. On Schunemunk’s long, open ridgetop, the smooth stone trail wends through shrubs and pitch pines, affording Instagram-worthy views in all directions (at one point spanning an entire 360 degrees). Don’t miss the short spur trail to the Megaliths, massive rocks split from the mountain proper. It’s an ideal place to enjoy a well-deserved break.

More to explore

After this strenuous hike, you probably won’t be up for more than a hot shower and a hearty meal. On the way home, consider a stop at Auntie El’s Farm Market in Sloatsburg for some fresh produce and a mouthwatering selection of just-baked pies.


  • Spectacular panoramic views
  • Fascinating rock formation
  • Waterfall

Directions, hours, etc.: