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Innisfree Garden

Millbrook (Dutchess County)

Why we love it

It doesn’t take a visitor long to understand why Innisfree has earned acclaim as one of the “world’s 10 best gardens.” Created over a 50-year span, it combines modern, Romantic, Japanese and Chinese philosophies in landscape design and still manages to achieve a cohesive whole. Its series of spaces showcasing a masterful mixture of rocks, water features, stone walls and plants please all the senses and demand repeated visits to uncover their intricacies. It’s a place that invites — no, compels — you to slow down, find a seat and spend a little quiet time with nature.

More to explore

Take a break from culture by browsing the shops and restaurants on Millbrook’s Franklin Avenue. Wine aficionados won’t want to miss a tour and tasting at Millbrook Vineyards & Winery, not far away.


  • Unique, 150-acre garden with interesting water features, rocks

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