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Marshlands Conservancy

Rye (Westchester County)

Why we love it

Let’s go to the ocean! Trails at this 170-acre preserve first lead through woods and meadows, very pretty but nothing particularly unusual, before arriving at something truly special — an extensive salt marsh where you’ll catch a pleasing whiff of the sea. Keep walking and soon you’ll reach the sea itself and outstanding views of Long Island Sound. As you circle a peninsula, keep your eyes peeled for horseshoe crabs, so-called “living fossils” that have been on Earth for 30 million years. And don’t leave home without binoculars — birdwatchers who flock here have identified more than 200 species.

More to explore

History buffs will want to visit the Jay Heritage Center next door to Marshlands. The estate of Founding Father John Jay, it features a fine Greek Revival house built in the 1830s for Jay’s son. For another sort of history, enjoy Playland Amusement Park, renowned for its 1929 Dragon Coaster and Spanish Revival architecture.


  • Great views of Long Island Sound
  • Rare opportunity to walk through a Hudson Valley salt marsh
  • Many birds

Directions, hours, etc.: