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Mianus River Gorge Preserve

Bedford (Westchester County)

Why we love it

Thanks to the steep slopes in the gorge, carved by the waters from a melting glacier over 10,000 years ago, the preserve contains one of the few old-growth forests remaining in the Northeastern U.S. — even more remarkable considering it’s just 40 miles from Manhattan. Trails paralleling the river pass a waterfall (most impressive in the spring or after heavy rain) and 19th-century mica mine. But it’s the very rarity of this place — and its utter serenity — that make a visit a must. Emblematic of its importance, the U.S. Department of the Interior named the preserve the very first National Natural History Landmark.

More to explore

In nearby Bedford, the John Jay Homestead State Historic Site preserves the house and grounds of this oft-neglected Founding Father and succeeding generations of his family.


  • More than 4 miles of trails
  • Superb scenery

Directions, hours, etc.: