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Garrison (Putnam County)

Why we love it

While not as renowned now as Frank Lloyd Wright, Russel Wright was just as famous in the mid-20th-century — he designed the most popular ceramic dinnerware in the U.S. Equally beautiful is the home he built here and aptly named Manitoga, after a Native American word meaning “place of great spirit.” Wright worked tirelessly to restore this 75-acre site, denuded and scarred by a former quarry, and create three loop trails through it. When traveled in Wright’s intended clockwise direction, each loop reveals interesting rocks, trees, streams and seasonal viewpoints of the Hudson River and Highlands.

More to explore

Don’t miss an opportunity to visit Dragon Rock, Wright’s home and studio located on the lip of the quarry. It’s a marvel of mid-century design.


  • Over 3 miles of loop trails
  • Seasonal views of Hudson River and Highlands
  • Great variety of wildlife

Directions, hours, etc.: