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North and South Redoubts

Garrison (Putnam County)

Why we love it

As well as walking forward on this moderately strenuous 3-mile hike, you’ll walk back — in time — to the American Revolution. On the morning of September 25, 1780, Commander in Chief George Washington decided to visit these small fortifications — part of a chain of Hudson Highlands defenses — before meeting General Benedict Arnold, in charge of forces at West Point. Washington’s unexpected halt gave Arnold time to escape after learning that his plot to betray West Point to the British had been discovered. The redoubts’ remains are clearly visible and there are superb views from both.

More to explore

Not far away, Cold Spring features an enticing array of shops and restaurants and Scenic Hudson’s West Point Foundry Preserve, which preserves the remains of an ironworks that manufactured cannons during the Civil War. Film buffs should visit the hamlet of Garrison, location of filming for Hello, Dolly!


  • Remains of Revolutionary War fortresses
  • Excellent Hudson Highlands views

Directions, hours, etc.: