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Opus 40

Saugerties (Ulster County)

Why we love it

The word unique gets bandied about a lot when something merely happens to be unusual. But Opus 40 truly is one-of-a-kind. Located in an old bluestone quarry, this mammoth sculpture repurposes thousands of shards of this rock mined to pave New York City sidewalks into an interlocking series of terraces, ramps and steps that wind upward around trees and fountains to a nine-ton monolith at its apex. Amazingly, artist Harvey Fite constructed it singlehandedly, using only hand-powered quarryman’s tools and no mortar or cement. Adding to its allure — Opus 40 offers great views of the Catskills.

More to explore

Walk through three distinct habitats — grassland, forest and rocky riverfront — at Scenic Hudson’s Falling Waters Preserve. Shops, galleries and restaurants in downtown Saugerties make it a fun place to stroll.


  • Unique mammoth sculpture
  • Great Catskills views
  • Museum of quarryman’s tools

Directions, hours, etc.: