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Orak Mansion Ruins — Harriman State Park

Orak Mansion Ruins
Hiking at Orak Mansion Ruins (Photo Michael Sergio @Hiker_41)

Stony Point (Rockland County)

Why we love it

Despite — or perhaps because of — the ever-encroaching woods, the substantial stone remains of Orak exude a haunting grandeur. Constructed in 1923, the mansion belonged to George Buchanan, a VP of the Corn Products Refining Company. Its name spells backward the gooey sweetener that made his fortune — Karo syrup, a prime ingredient in pecan pie. Reportedly, Orak’s dining room resembled a ship’s cabin: It featured porthole-shaped windows and a floor that gently rocked. The house was demolished in 1973, after the property became part of Harriman State Park.

More to explore

Continue past Orak on the Suffern-Bear Mountain trail to enjoy some spectacular views — of the surrounding park from the Jackie Jones fire tower and the Manhattan skyline at the Big Hill shelter. The moderately strenuous out-and-back hike covers about 5 miles.


  • Dramatic ruins
  • Great vistas further along the trail

Directions, hours, etc.: